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WhatsApp ScrewFix Father’s Day ‘Giveaway’ Scam

Instant messaging scams are nothing new. For years, scammers have used instant messaging platforms to, amongst other things, encourage victims to...

17 June 2022


British Sign Language Interpreted – Friends Against Scams Awareness Session

Bolton Deaf Society, a local independent charity providing practical support to deaf people in Bolton and the surrounding areas, has produced a video...

28 April 2022


My Instagram account was hacked and I was tricked into promoting scam cryptocurrency

By Charlelie (Ciicii) Mavusi I’ve had Instagram since 2012 and built up more than 5,000 followers in the process. One day on a Friday morning in...

18 March 2022

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Our Mission

Get Safe Online is the UK’s leading source of unbiased, factual and easy-to-understand information on online safety.

Our website is a unique resource providing practical advice on how to protect yourself, your computers and mobile devices and your business against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online. It contains guidance on many other related subjects too – including performing backups and how to avoid theft or loss of your computer, smartphone or tablet.
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Get Safe Online has a presence in 24 countries around the world. Each country benefits from its own Get Safe Online website, customised to deliver the best and most relevant experience for individuals and businesses. Many of the countries also have a community of Get Safe Online Ambassadors and Advocates working on our behalf.
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